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Sitting with Yourself

When we're used to being busy, sitting with ourselves can be uncomfortable. We may reach for the phone, turn on a show, find work to do, or mindlessly snack. While it's healthy to enjoy these activities at times, it's important for us to notice when we're doing them to distract ourselves or avoid emotional discomfort.

What happens when you simply sit with yourself? What thoughts cross your mind? What emotions show up? What do you feel in your body? Taking a moment to breathe and notice what's going on in your mind and body can help you to identify what may be causing your discomfort, and what you need to gain a sense of control, comfort, and peace. It may be a conversation, a walk, a nourishing meal, or time with a loved one (human or animal). Doing these activities more intentionally and mindfully can make them feel more enjoyable, relaxing, and restorative.

Give yourself a moment each day to breathe, observe, and sit with yourself.

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