Mission Psychology provides both in-person and remote services, as needed for each client. We have implemented secure technology that allows us to meet with patients for therapy and some assessments.


Answers during the COVID-19 disruption


We hope you are staying well during this time of uncertainty.  Life has changed since Covid-19 has spread.  Your physical and emotional health are our greatest focus. Based on public health recommendations of social distancing, therapy services are now available via telehealth or phone sessions to ensure you continue to have access to care, and that you don’t have to be concerned about possible exposure in waiting rooms, offices, etc. If you are feeling overwhelmed, using negative coping strategies, emotionally overeating, or simply want to take this time to invest in self improvement we are here to work with you.  We invite you to find time for self care.  Our staff is available to promptly schedule you.  This is a great time to work on yourself emotionally and mentally.  

On 3/18/20, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an order requiring insurance companies to reimburse providers for telehealth services. Medicare will also now pay for this service.  If you do not have insurance that we accept, you may pay out of pocket. Our office staff will verify your insurance benefits.

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We hope you are staying well during this time of uncertainty.  Life has changed since Covid-19 has spread.  In the interest of health and safety for you and our staff we are extending our services via telemedicine or by phone call.  This is a service we can offer to any patient in need of an evaluation (most tests can be done online) or therapy services.  I am committed to provide quality service to your patients.  Our staff is available to support you and schedule patients.  I will work to complete reports as promptly as possible.

Our office staff will verify insurance benefits. Click here for our clinician referral form.